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Public authorities, postal services and business customers

Process optimisation and document handling

Public authorities, postal companies and business customers all use similar systems in similar processes. The protection of documents is at the forefront of all of these, and other applications are often added. In the case of the postal service, cash holdings and in some cases postage stamps can be found in safes. Car rental companies have to secure vehicle keys. In the public sector, on the other hand, more and more self-service machines are being used in order to collect cash.

Individual requirements require different approaches. Often special adaptations are required in the software or combinations of several security options are desired. For example, a postal service may attach importance to the fact that safes in small branches can only be opened when the person is alone in the room.

Accordingly, the safe controls have to communicate with the access controls at the entrance door. If there is more than one person in the room, the safe must not be opened, and if the safe is open, the entrance door must be locked. This protects against robberies. Further extras are blocking codes for emergencies or silent alarms via code entry.

INSYS locks has even already installed mobile lock systems: a cash-in-transit company has retrofitted its vehicles in such a way that the rear door can only be opened if the driver has previously entered a release code in the keypad installed in the cab.

This flexibility distinguishes INSYS locks: it is the customer who designs the process – not the software. Together with customers, INSYS experts work out solutions that meet their requirements and lead to optimal processes. A wide range of different technologies and applications are available for this purpose.

These products are often used by public authorities, the postal service or business customers: