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safe deposit locker monitoring EFS

Retrofit system for safe deposit lockers

Digital control of analogue safe deposit lockers

Self-service instead of high personnel costs

  • Retrofitting without opening the lockers
  • Wireless sensor connection
  • Self-service access controls
  • High sensor security
  • Integrated software

Retrofittable security thanks to EFS single compartment sensors

Automate your access control and alarm monitoring for lockers with a manual key lock.

Accompanying customers to their safe deposit lockers and manually unlocking them involves high personnel costs. The EFS retrofit solution enables customers to access the safe deposit locker area independently, and reliably ensures that no other locker can be opened. The customer does not have to be present when the system is retrofitted, as the locker does not have to be opened for installation.

Wireless and tamper-proof

The safe deposit locker monitoring system functions by means of attached sensors that send status messages by radio. The sensors detect which locker is opened, as well as any tampering with the lockers. In the event of irregularities the system immediately sounds the alarm.

Access to the locker area via a day door with electronic access control and access to a key panel is thus possible without personnel-intensive customer support. Customer login and verification is carried out using a key transponder at a self-service customer terminal. The optional isolation function ensures the necessary discretion in the safe deposit locker area.

Control computer and administration software

The AMD control computer enables complete management of the safe deposit locker solution. Via the networked receiver unit and the BS base station, the computer continuously receives the status data of the individual compartment sensors (EFS) and compares it with the values of the self-service access control and the stored customer data. This ensures fully integrated monitoring of the rental lockers, the peripheral equipment and the door control system.

The BS base station and its controller for the RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces enable simple control of the individual compartment sensors.
The network-compatible SAFENET administration software covers all processes relating to safe deposit locker rental, including user and operator management, customer database, rental, exchange and cancellation of safe deposit lockers, system status and alarms, rental contracts, powers of attorney, rental price billing and settlements.

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