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Fully automatic high-security lock

EloStar® Master

Flexible and multi-functional

Design security according to your wishes

  • Suitable for banks, retailers and business users
  • Various opening methods can be used
  • Easy programming and configuration
  • Mains operation with alarm function
  • 2-lock operation
  • Seamless logging

The EloStar® Master – a wide field of applications for highly secure opening mechanisms

Use the access procedure of your choice. Easy to configure, convenient to monitor.

The EloStar® Master lock family is suitable for safes, security containers and ATM applications. Cash-in-transit companies appreciate the system because of its high flexibility. The system can be opened using one-time codes (OTC), standard codes, chip cards and RFID opening media.

In addition, the system offers freely programmable options and combinations. Configuration is carried out either by chip card or via the network. The same applies to the logging of all events.

The all-rounder among opening mechanisms

The fully automatic electronic VdS/ECB·S 2/B class lock is contained in a sturdy zinc die-cast housing. Three different opening procedures can be defined for up to 100 users. One-time codes (OTCs) in combination with a personal PIN, code entry, chip cards and RFID opening media are available. QR code capture is also possible on request.

The EloStar® Master solutions enable 2-lock operation, so that two deadbolts can be opened with two one-time codes. Of course, all events relating to the lock are logged.

Convenient and flexible operation

The MultiPad Go!® from INSYS locks is ideally suited for combination with the EloStar® Master. The stand-alone solution for creating and retrieving one-time codes does not require an additional server. It is accessible via the Internet or PC in the network and can be integrated into existing customer systems via a software interface.

One-time codes are generated at the control centre and transmitted by SMS, email or telephone to users such as cash-in-transit companies. The lock is opened by entering the one-time code and a personal PIN, optionally also by entering a standard code, or with the aid of a personnel number and chip card or RFID opening medium. If a delayed opening is configured, the remaining time is shown on the display.

The EloStar® Master features the following operating terminal:


  • Flat, compact control unit
  • Up to 100 users
  • Up to two authentication options per user
  • Standard or flexible one-time code
  • 2-lock operation possible
  • User and cash-in-transit provider adjustable

The EloStar® Master features the following deadbolt:

INSYS Lock 400

  • Certification VdS/ECB·S: 2/B
  • Rigid bolt
  • 50 N push/pull force
  • Bus technology

INSYS Lock 350

  • Certification VdS/ECB·S: 2/B
  • Rigid, flat bolt
  • Bus technology

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