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Individual rights management and secure storage

In the health sector the main concern is to prevent unauthorised access to hazardous substances. The main substances affected are medicines – particularly drugs – and chemicals. However, documents also need to be kept safe. Personal documents of patients or legally relevant documentation, such as records of the dispensing of drugs, must not be readily accessible.

For these purposes hospitals, surgeries, laboratories and pharmacies are generally required to have cabinets with certified lock systems. The risk of theft by employees is particularly high here. There is also a risk that stolen or discovered PINs could lead to false accusations.

Opening procedures with RFID technology are therefore the preferred option. Wristbands, for example, which cannot be removed and thus stolen, help to ensure that all opening procedures can be assigned to the respective persons with a high degree of security. INSYS locks has developed the EloStar® flexID solution for such applications.

Further benefits of this solution: especially under stress, for example when treating emergencies under high time pressure, it is difficult to enter columns of numbers in the correct order. This is not necessary with the use of RFID tokens, i.e. opening media with secure radio technology. With a wristband, for example, the opening and closing mechanism can be triggered without contact, even if users are holding something in their hands or their fingers are dirty.

The following products are in frequent use within healthcare facilities:

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