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Cash-in-transit (CIT) service providers

Optimal workflow and secure cash management

Former companies transporting valuables have changed their field of activity and are taking on more and more additional services for their customers. Today, for example, cash management is largely outsourced to cash-in-transit (CIT) providers.

Clear and secure processes are indispensable for both sides: both for the bank if it wants to insure itself against potential losses and for the CIT provider, which is liable to the bank.

The security of the entire solution is therefore of great importance to both sides. Prosegur, one of the leading CIT providers, advocates the use of locks and security solutions from INSYS locks in banks, superstores and retailers.

Efficiency with one-time codes (OTCs)

Time is an essential factor for cash-in-transit companies. When planning tours, the “slots” need to be as short as possible – these are the time windows that cover the time spent at the customer’s premises.

This requires the use of a technology that functions without loss of time. Fast opening processes with high reliability and availability are the key. A complex, cumbersome operation, on the other hand, means loss of time – synonymous with higher personnel costs.

For these reasons, one-time codes are mandatory. With MultiPad Go!®, INSYS locks offers a complete OTC solution that can be flexibly integrated into the processes between banks or retail chains and cash-in-transit providers.

Protection for cash-in-transit companies

In addition, the secure design of processes on site is also of great importance. The use of acknowledgement codes at the end of a process not only ensures that the entire process comes to a clearly defined, secure end, but also protects the CIT staff. It enables them to prove that they have fulfilled their duties completely and properly.

The following products are in frequent use by cash-in-transit service providers: