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EloStar® flexID

RFID lock system

Simple, safe, efficient: safety at the highest level

Contactless opening in an instant

  • High-quality motor lock and compact RFID reader unit
  • Configuration without keyboard or PC software
  • Seamless logging
  • Simple, fast opening via RFID opening media
  • Up to 99 additional opening media possible
  • Additional security level via smartphone app
  • Emergency power supply

No code entry or searching for keys

With your personal RFID opening medium you always have access to your secure storage containers within seconds.

The EloStar® flexID is ideally suited for secure containers such as weapons or drug cabinets, key-safes and safes. Access is contactless via RFID card, wristband or key fob. 2-factor authorisation is optionally possible via the biometric functions of a smartphone.

Users can be created without a keyboard or PC software. The configuration is carried out simply via the supplied RFID master medium. A total of up to 99 additional opening media (combinable) can be registered. All processes are fully logged. Alternatively, the system can be configured via the EloComm flexID PC software.

Contactless access via RFID card, wristband or key fob

Compared to the key of a safe lock, the RFID opening media with MIFARE® DESFire® technology offer the highest level of state-of-the-art security using AES encryption. This is designed for maximum contactless security and serves to protect your access data against external attacks.

The certified EloStar® flexID system according to EN 1300-B, VdS Class 2 and ECB•S-B guarantees uncompromising security.

NEW: The smartphone as an optional, additional biometric sensor

Those who possess pistols and rifles not only have to protect access to weapons and ammunition in accordance with the relevant provisions of firearms legislation. Special attention must also be paid to the protection of keys or access cards that open the secure container.

EloStar® flexID provides a particularly high level of protection when the RFID opening medium and the smartphone interact as biometric 2-factor authorisation (2FA). Neither the smartphone nor the RFID opening medium can unlock the gun cabinet alone. RFID access is linked to the smartphone with the help of the mobile app “lockID” (Available for iOS and Android in your App-Store).

To open the lock one-time authorisation has to be issued – either via a biometric feature such as fingerprint scan or face recognition, or via a PIN stored in the app. Only then, for example, can the RFID card unlock the lock on the gun cabinet. But only once – after the lock has been opened the opening authorisation is immediately deleted and has to be reissued for the next time.

Contactless access without compromising security

The EloStar® flexID locking system consists of a high-quality motor lock with integrated RFID reader. A major security advantage is the integrated anti-tamper feature. This function prevents the lock from being cracked by trying out any number of codes. If a number of invalid RFID codes are read in consecutively, the input unit is locked for a certain period of time.

After use the motor lock closes automatically. An emergency power supply guarantees access at all times – even in the event of a power failure. Extended access controls such as delayed opening, dual control in which two valid users are requested to open the lock one after the other, and external release or blocking are possible.


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The EloStar® flexID features the following operating terminal:

RFID reading unit

  • Operating terminal with integrated reading unit
  • RFID reader MIFARE® DESFire
  • Version with and without metal ring and adapter plate
  • Training of the RFID opening medium directly via the reading unit

The EloStar® flexID features the following deadbolt:

INSYS Lock 300

  • Certification VdS/ECB·S: 2/B
  • Spring-mounted bolt
  • Bus technology

INSYS Lock 350

  • Certification VdS/ECB·S: 2/B
  • Rigid, flat bolt
  • Bus technology

We offer certified security in accordance with internationally recognised standards:

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