Private households

High security in the private environment

The most common security application in private households is the safe storage of firearms in gun cabinets. EloStar® flexID provides a particularly high level of protection for gun cabinets. Cards with RFID radio technology and smartphones interact here as biometric 2-factor authorisation (2FA).

Neither the smartphone nor the RFID opening medium can unlock the gun cabinet alone. With the help of the mobile app “lockID” (currently only available for Android) RFID access is linked to the smartphone – so it can only be opened if both elements come together.

In second place is the security of documents – contracts, deeds, wills – as well as valuables, from jewellery and stamp collections to coins and gold bars. In the event of a robbery where the safe is forcibly opened, smart solutions make it possible to activate a time delay or trigger a silent alarm using special codes or RFID cards.

Another application is in old people’s homes and hospitals, for people with mental disabilities. It is not unusual for these patients to believe that they have been robbed, and accusations are quickly made against the staff.

This shows the advantage of secure cabinets and lockers in which valuables can be stored. Due to the process logging, it is always possible to see when someone has opened the lock. EloStar® flexID is also ideal here. This solution from INSYS locks can be operated with RFID wristbands or tags on a necklace. Patients don’t have to remember columns of numbers, and access is restricted purely to the owners of the lockers.

These products are especially suitable for private households: