Network access

Easy handling and secure remote access

A particular advantage of electronic locks is their network capability, which allows remote configuration and management. Setting up users and opening codes is only one part of the solution.

Among other things, time windows that determine when a lock can be opened have a direct influence on its function. In the same way, it can also be specified that a lock is to be automatically unlocked or locked again at specific times.

Another advantage is live monitoring of the locks and networking with security systems. If faults or attempts at tampering are detected or a burglar alarm is triggered, the locks can be automatically closed or blocked. This prevents unauthorised persons from gaining access or causing serious damage.

There are several stages of networking. In the simplest case, a PC or notebook is networked with the electronic locks. A direct connection to the IP-based LAN is also possible, enabling access from the intranet. Last but not least, the network can also be connected to the Internet, so that monitoring and configuration tasks can also be performed externally and even on a mobile basis.

Modern encryption methods for communication with the lock components additionally increase security. A new standard is currently being prepared for IP-capable electronic locks. The blueprints for this new standardisation are carried out under VdS 3841, DIN EN 1300:2018 and now DIN EN 1300:2019-05. INSYS locks is monitoring the development and will adapt its solutions to the standard as soon as it is finally adopted.

This lock system offers functionalities for network access:

These software solutions make it possible to manage TwinLock® Business in a network: