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Contactless opening (RFID)

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The use of RFID chips is more convenient than entering a numeric code. Radio Frequency Identification, “RFID” for short, is based on radio technology that does not require its own power supply.

The RFID chip obtains the energy it needs from radio waves emitted by the reading station. Stimulated by these waves, it sends back a stored identifier, which usually enables the user to be uniquely identified.

RFID chips can be stored in different objects (“tags” or “opening media”). Common examples are key fobs, chip cards or wristbands, and even adhesive and fabric labels can be used. Smartphones are now also equipped with RFID technology.

RFID can significantly speed up opening processes. For example, PIN entry means a considerable delay if access doors are passed through frequently. With RFID there is also no danger of codes being entered incorrectly or forgotten. And finally, it can be used to design systems that can be operated even if users don’t have their hands free.

Contactless opening with RFID is possible with these lock systems: