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MultiPad Go!®

Compact complete OTC (one-time code) solution

Intelligent handling of one-time codes

Easy generation and distribution of one-time codes (OTCs)

  • Simple installation
  • Strict authentication
  • Variable opening methods
  • Access via network
  • Mobile access via browser
  • No server required

Compact one-time code complete solution

The MultiPad Go!® hardware and software platform creates and manages one-time codes (OTCs) without an additional server. It can also be used to manage locks and lock users. In addition, the MultiPad Go!® can be easily integrated into existing customer management systems via a software interface.

One-time codes are frequently used, especially in cooperation with cash-in-transit service providers. User management, the generation and transmission of the one-time codes and the logging of all processes are handled by the complete OTC solution MultiPad Go!®, as is lock management. It can be installed in banks, hypermarkets or directly at cash-in-transit companies.

A large number of users can access MultiPad Go!® via a network. In this case no additional hardware, such as a PC or server, is required. The system is characterised by its ease of use, including an intuitive user interface and the option of selecting one of three languages for each individual user. The codes are transmitted either by telephone or via an online platform directly to the smartphones and tablets of the authorised users.

As an option, the system can be operated directly on a PC or notebook instead of in a network.

Fast but secure

The integrated user and access management allows variable authentication processes, ranging from simple, fast OTC input to a highly secure, three-step opening process. Among other things, this enables implementation of the dual control principle. Additional security is provided by definable time windows for the OTC, as well as the optional confirmation of an acknowledgement code. Of course, all actions are logged in a traceable manner.

Administrators as well as MultiPad users and recipients of the one-time codes have to authenticate themselves. The rights can be set in detail for each user. It is also ensured that the electronic locks from INSYS locks only accept the one-time codes of a previously defined MultiPad Go!®.

Secure even in the event of a breakdown

Users and their configuration, PINs, properties, processes and log history are valuable data that needs to be secured. On the one hand to ensure the availability of the data, on the other hand to enable a quick recovery in case of a breakdown.

The BackupComm backup solution takes care of this task. Data backup takes place at fixed times, but can also be initiated manually at any time. No additional hardware is required for the backup software either.

The MultiPad Go!® will soon also be available as a server solution. We will be happy to advise you on this.

This diagram shows the functional structure of the system:

Here you will find further information compactly summarised:

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