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TwinNet Go!®

Remote access for the INSYS lock system

Lock management made easy

Online configuration with the pre-installed TwinNet Go!® solution

  • Remote configuration
  • Without software installation
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Live status overview
  • Supports templates
  • CSV import & export

Remote access via web browser

The TwinIP network module not only establishes the physical connection between electronic locks and the IP-based network. It also contains the TwinNet Go!® online configuration and monitoring solution.

No server, no additional software installation – only one licence is required to operate TwinNet Go!® via a web browser. The intuitive software interface provides a quick and easy way to remotely configure and monitor electronic locks. Alternatively, the system can be connected to a local management PC via a network cable.

Security status always in view

With TwinNet Go!® you can create, change or block users remotely at any time. You also have access to the event log, in which all actions relating to the lock are recorded. In addition, the users and the authorisation procedures available to them are visible.

The solution supports simple templates for personal and system configurations as well as CSV import and export. Up to 3 deadbolts per system can be controlled and up to 99 authorised users can be managed per deadbolt. If you need more comprehensive management functions, you can easily upgrade to our TwinNet® network management software.

TwinIP networks your locks

The TwinIP extension unit establishes connections within IP-based networks. This enables access via the company LAN. All electronic locks of the TwinLock® Business and EloStar® Master series can be networked. A web server with the TwinNet Go!® configuration software is integrated.

This diagram shows the functional structure of the system:

Here you will find further information compactly summarised:

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