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INSYS locks sets new standards with certification
for networked locks in distributed systems

INSYS locks sets new standards with certification for networked locks in distributed systems

Regensburg, July 26, 2023. INSYS locks, leading provider of security solutions, has achieved a groundbreaking milestone by becoming the first and only company in the industry to receive certification for high-security locks in distributed systems. The renowned French testing institute CNPP has successfully tested and certified the TwinLock® B-DS systems (TwinLock® smart and TwinLock® CashProtect) according to the latest European standard EN 17646:2022.

The CNPP-certified TwinLock® B-DS meets the stringent requirements of the standard “secure containers – classification of high-security locks based on their resistance to unauthorized opening – distributed systems.” This norm has been specifically designed for high-security locks that are interconnected through wired or wireless transmission systems, enabling predetermined operations with diverse, individually defined access options. Given the increasingly frequent and targeted cyber-attacks, the certification has been eagerly awaited by IT experts in the banking, retail, and business sectors.

“We take great pride in INSYS locks being the first company in the industry to receive certification for networked locks in distributed systems,” comments Detlef Lücke, Head of INSYS locks. “The security of our customers is our top priority. That’s why we continuously work on developing cutting-edge solutions that meet the rapidly changing demands of the high-security sector. The CNPP certification not only confirms the excellence and reliability of our TwinLock® B-DS systems but also validates the effectiveness of our efforts.”

The certified TwinLock® B-DS systems from INSYS locks seamlessly and securely integrate into existing infrastructures. With these networked locks, companies gain not only a very high level of security but also a cost-effective retrofit solution. The TwinLock® B-DS allows for efficient management of several hundred locks within a network, while also securing a substantially smaller number of secure containers, if required. Additionally, new user functionalities are available to reduce costs in branch operations.

The INSYS locks team is committed to leading the field of high-security locks, continuously developing top-tier solutions, and ensuring the utmost protection of their customers’ assets. We look forward to unveiling further certifications soon.