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A fully automatic electronic lock


Tried-and-tested security for exterior and interior use

An intelligent solution for safes and strongboxes

  • Flexible solutions to suit your requirements
  • Choice of two operating terminals
  • Logging of date and time
  • Emergency power supply by battery
  • Burglar alarm connection
  • Parameterisation and administration by PC

Secured quickly and easily with EloStar®

Easy to install, easy to parameterise and even suitable for cash-in-transit companies. Available in different versions, depending on requirements.

The EloStar® family offers a simple, reliable combination of motor lock and keypad operating terminal for a variety of needs. The EloStar® 300 simplex model permits only one operator, while the EloStar® 300 pro/time enables nine operators. In addition, there is a quick-opening code for cash-in-transit service providers and up to three time programmes with which locking periods can be individually defined. The EloStar® 300 multi special edition can be used by up to 99 operators.

A choice of operating terminals is also available. With a total height of only 18.5 mm, the ES33 is also suitable for internal mounting, for example in safe deposit boxes. A mounting plate simplifies installation. The emergency power supply is provided by an external 9V battery compartment. The ES36 operating terminal with its 28.5 mm height has an integrated battery compartment.

Secure your data, documents and valuables

EloStar® locks can be mounted on almost all security containers, such as safes for data backups and valuables, as well as on the inner compartments of safes. After entering the user number and a 6-digit PIN, the spring-loaded deadbolt opens automatically.

The EloStar® family features fully automatic electronic locks in a sturdy zinc die-cast housing. The systems are certified according to VdS/ECBS 2/B and not only meet the requirements of private and business users, but also those of cash-in-transit companies. For these there is a variant with a quick-opening code that also provides three weekly time programmes for defining opening and closing times. Up to 1024 log entries with time stamp (date and time) are standard in all versions.

Increased security thanks to networking

Combine your EloStar® locks with the EloXTII (VdS C) extension unit. This optional accessory combines external unlocking/locking functions with a threat alarm and robbery/lock device. This also enables integration into existing burglar alarm systems.

The EloStar® features the following operating terminals:

Classic: ES33

  • Modern, flat keyboard
  • Definable time programmes (three time windows)
  • Connection to burglar alarm system (with EloXTII)

Classic: ES36

  • Modern keyboard with integrated battery compartment
  • Definable time programmes (three time windows)
  • Connection to burglar alarm system (with EloXTII)

The EloStar® features the following deadbolt:

INSYS Lock 300

  • Certification VdS/ECB·S: 2/B
  • Spring bolt
  • Bus technology

INSYS Lock 350

  • Certification VdS/ECB·S: 2/B
  • Rigid, flat bolt
  • Bus technology

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