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High security lock

with safebag scanner

EloStar® Master Scan

Simple safebag recording

Keep an eye on your cash holdings at any time

  • Suitable for retail companies, gastronomy and hotel business, petrol stations and cash-in-transit companies
  • Efficient safeguarding of cash stocks in day-to-day business
  • Reduction of the risk of loss due to robbery and theft
  • Process control and tamper protection
  • Complete logging and documentation of all events
  • Stand-alone all-in-one solutions

EloStar® Master Scan – high-security opening mechanism with integrated safebag detection

The simple registration of the deposited safebags increases the ease of use and creates more security.

EloStar® Master Scan supports secure and efficient depositing of cash in safes with deposit drop device in just a few steps: Enter the amount, scan the safebag barcode, deposit the safebag in the drawer, close the drawer and then drop it – done. The safebags can be opened using one-time codes (OTC), standard codes or in combination with chip.

Live monitoring of deposited cash holdings

For business operators as well as for financial and value service providers, the system creates greater security because the sum of deposits is recorded to the cent at all times; when a defined limit is reached (e.g. 80 percent of the sum insured), a warning can be issued to trigger an early emptying. If the insurance sum is exceeded, no further deposit is possible. The number of discarded safebags is also displayed during emptying so that a direct comparison can be made during removal.

For even more ease of use

The EloStar® Master Scan is equipped with the lock INSYS Lock 400 Master by default. Alternatively, the flatter lock bolt INSYS Lock 350 Master with integrated drilling protection can be used. The lock bolt INSYS Lock 300 remote is suitable for automated drawer control.

The Insys MultiPad Go!® can be used as a solution for creating and retrieving one-time codes without an additional server. The online connection via the network extension unit TwinIP small enables live monitoring including online logging of all events.

The EloStar® Master features the following operating terminal:


FlatControl Scan x05

  • Flat, compact operating unit
  • Up to 100 users
  • Up to two authentication options per user
  • Standard or flexible one-time codes
  • 2-lock operation possible
  • User and CIT operation adjustable

The EloStar® Master Scan features the following deadbolt:

INSYS Lock 400

  • Certification VdS/ECB·S: 2/B

  • Dead bolt lock
  • 50 N push/pull force
  • Bus technology

in certification process

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