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TwinNet Go!®

Easy entry into the world of lock management

 Easy lock management. Manage and configure up zo 99 persons per lock easily via web browser using TwinNet Go!

TwinNet Go!®: Easy lock management without additional server or software installation.


Together with the renowned locks of INSYS locks, TwinNet Go!®allows to configure a lock and its user via remote access. In particular for customers with only a few branches or safes, this safe provides a simple possibility to get a quick overview of the lock conditions.


Additional servers, software installations or network knowledge are not necessary. The INSYS locks components are network-capable and provide the latest encryption technologies and security requirements. The activation of the full TwinNet® system is always possible without additional hardware. Don’t hesitate to contact us or our sales partners for this.


  • System for monitoring locks with minimum investment

  • No server or additional hardware necessary
  • Easy configuration via web browser
  • No software installation necessary
  • Up to 99 access users per lock bolt
  • CSV import/export
  • Upgrade to TwinNet® network management
    software possible

Further management solutions

TwinNet® software

MultiPad Go!® software


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