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The enhanced solution for high security locks in distributed systems

Secure your assets against cyber-attacks with TwinLock® and TwinNet®,  the intelligent and multi-certified solution for high-security locks in distributed systems.

Banks, CIT companies and businesses with high cash turnover have special requirements for the network locks used to secure their cash stocks. These include easy and time-saving handling, a highly flexible solution that can be adapted to suit individual circumstances and requirements – and a high level of security.

It is well known that criminals are not only targeting physical attacks such as ATM bombings, but also cyber-attacks on anything that can be accessed online. As a result, those involved in the cash supply process need to protect themselves against both internal and external attacks. The TwinLock® high-security lock with TwinNet® software for Distributed Systems offers the perfect solution for these requirements.

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Advantages of networking via TwinNet® Server:

The TwinNet® Server is at the heart of electronic high security locks in Distributed Systems.
Key features include:

  • Authorisation management: Manage your employees’ access rights and assign individual authorisations.
  • Multi-client user and object management: Set up multiple users or groups.
  • System monitoring: Monitor all events in your locking systems and take immediate action if necessary; use the real-time alarms (e.g., door opening, lock opening, etc.) required by your organisation.
  • Flexible access through client-server architecture: The server can be accessed via all common Internet browsers, so there is no need to install software on the clients.
  • Automated reporting: Create reports and have them automatically sent to the relevant people.
  • Job processing: Automate recurring tasks and optimise your workflows.
  • Reduced staff costs: Centralised management from a single location reduces staff costs (authorisations, assignments, deletions).

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Highest security standards:

To maximise cyber resilience, our solutions are certified to the highest security standards and undergo regular PEN testing. Certifications strengthen the trust of customers, partners, and insurance companies in the innovative capability of INSYS locks. TwinLock® with TwinNet® is currently the only solution with three certifications for Distributed Systems:

  • The renowned French testing institute CNPP has successfully tested the TwinLock® B-DS systems (TwinLock® smart and TwinLock® CashProtect) according to the European standard EN 17646:2022 and issued the A2P certificate. The TwinLock® solutions were the first to be certified according to this standard.
  • TwinLock® B-DS, TwinLock® C-DS and TwinLock® D-DS are the industry’s first network locks in Distributed Systems to be certified by VdS Schadenverhütung in accordance with its VdS 3841:2022-10 guideline.
  • With the ECB-S certification of the TwinLock® B-DS network lock series by the European Certification Centre for Security Systems (ECB-S), a hat-trick has been achieved. The ECB-S also tested for compliance with the requirements of EN 17646:2022 in accordance with Class B (DS).

Why you should switch to TwinLock® with TwinNet® network software now:

  • Investment protection: All system components are upgradeable. Organisational changes in your security management can be adapted through software updates. No new hardware is required.
  • Real-time monitoring: Thanks to the network connection, you always have a real-time overview of what external service providers are currently doing at the lock and can intervene immediately if necessary (e.g. locking the system).
  • Higher security – less risk: TwinNet® and TwinLock® as a Distributed System are important components for increasing your organisation’s control systems and reducing risk types.

  • EBA and MaRisk compliant: The system fulfils the regulatory guidelines for cyber security of the European Banking Authority (as of January 2023) and the MaRisk requirements.

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