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Protecting money holdings

Organisation of access rights with maximum security

 Protection and user management of safety containers like cash register contents and valuable holdings in wholesale and retail

Easy organisation of different user groups, access rights and time management for safes and security containers in retail market


The retail market is still target of raids and burglary due to its cash holdings.


Containers, like safes or safebag deposits and recyclers, often contain high sums of money and require therefore especially secure access, closing and monitoring systems with high reliability that are adapted to local and organisational conditions.


Moreover, further requirements, like access authorisations, user group management for shift operation in combination with money pick-up by external service providers, must be complied with.


Maximum security with INSYS locks solutions

What is already used in many banks and means high-security technology at its best for you, is also suitable to be used in the retail market.

We provide you with a wide selection of solutions to be able to realise your process sequence in wholesale and retail on highest security level. See for yourself!

Our active cooperation with GS1 Germany generates integral processes and standards that make the cash flow of the customer via internal cash register systems up to the safe and pick-up by external CIT providers easier and more secure.

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  • Quick and tamper-proof code entry
  • Time programs
  • Dual or triple code
  • Permanent logging
  • Combination with access, monitoring and alarm systems
  • Representation of shift operation
  • Secure substitute regulation

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 Cooperation with GS1 for a secure, integral cash flow.
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