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Professional lock management

Central management of users, locks and access rights

 Lock management of INSYS locks provides central management of users, locks and access rights. Reliable. Easy to use. Secure.

The new dimension of lock technology


Managing lock systems has been a huge job in terms of time and manpower so far. Each new code and each change had to be entered manually and physically at the site.
But you can manage your locks, users and access rights also centrally online as well as offline using the INSYS lock management solutions. New configurations or access rights can be made on several locks simultaneously.


You can see which locks have been opened when and by whom at one glance and generate tailored reports. External service providers can also get access using so-called one-time codes (OTCs), if required also only in certain time slots.


Optimise your internal procedures and block users and locks with one click in case of security issues.



  • Easy configuration of all locks and users
  • Overview of all organisations up to the CIT provider 
  • Logging of all events

Product recommendation

TwinNet® software 


TwinNet Go!® software


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ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

OHRIS 18001:2007 

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