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Intelligent access control systems

Time-/event-controlled access authorisations


Time- or event controlled access authorisations are essential for banks and savings banks. Employees or service providers must get access to certain rooms, safes and other security areas, if required.


In order to do this quickly and straightforward, it is practical to authorise all doors and areas as well as the container itself with the same security medium. This can be performed via PIN, chip card or RFID.


INSYS locks provides a complete access control system that is targeted exactly to this requirement. It is equipped with an integrated arming device (arming and disarming of a BAS) and manages several access doors to a room (also as isolating device). The allowed access can also be defined time-dependent via PIN and the entry of a one-time code (manually or via chip card). The biometric finger print can act as security medium as an alternative.


The access control systems of INSYS locks are tailored to your requirements.


  • Access solution, ideal for the use in personal access control doors
  • Integrated arming device
  • Time-dependent one-time opening (BG-tested) via PIN and one-time code
  • Alternative use of biometric finger prints
  • Logging of all accesses
  • Ancillary control equipment (ACE)
  • Meets the demands of UVV Kassen (BGV C9), BGI/GUV-I 819
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