EFS of INSYS locks for the secure and automated monitoring of rental lockers. Simply retrofit your rental lockers!

Self-service rental lockers for modern branch banks 


Bank branches still use rental locker systems as an important product for tying their customers. However, sales concepts and personnel allocation do not allow the personal attendance of the rental locker customers for mechanical pre-unlocking of the lockers due to time constraints.


In order to be able to manage the perfect service in each branch economically, confidentially and especially safe, a solution that is designed for self-service is ideal.


INSYS locks provides a solution that is capable for retrofit, extremely secure and, above all, completely self-sufficient. Thus, the bank customer has always access to his rental locker without asking a bank employee for pre-unlocking in advance. Moreover, all opening and closing processes are logged and monitored for alarms.


  • Secure, automatic monitoring of rental lockers
  • Economical retrofit solution
  • Intelligent alarm management
  • Complete solution

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