When shopping inside supermarkets or other retail or wholesale shops, customers probably have no idea of the comprehensive security concept required in the background. Because of high security levels and lower cash reserves in banks and savings banks, trade becomes more and more target of raids and burglary.


Therefore, video technology, fire protection and burglary alarm technology are standard equipment of the security technology of many branches today.


But containers, like safes or safebag deposits, often contain high sums of money and require therefore especially secure access, closing and monitoring systems with high reliability that are adapted to local and organisational conditions.


Moreover, further requirements, like access authorisations and user group management for shift operation and money collection, must be fulfilled.


We offer a wide selection of solutions for wholesalers and retailers that will help you to realise a security technology on highest level. Look and see!

Fields of application:
  • Personnel access
  • Customer access
  • Security company access
  • Safes and strongrooms
  • Offices and other security-relevant areas


  • VdS classification
  • Quick and tamper-proof code entry
  • User management and flexible access authorisations
  • Permanent logging
  • Combination with access, monitoring and alarm systems
  • Offline and online configuration and monitoring
  • Fully redundant security lock technology