Offering services, optimising processes, saving costs and still ensuring security. The challenges for banks and savings banks are high. The customer wants to make his bank transactions largely independent, bank assistants and security companies must be able to do their work quickly and effective. Key tasks are handling and safeguarding money and other documents of value.


The lock systems have a special role here. User and user group identification, opening authorisations, logging of all events and network-capability for combination with other applications are requirements that such systems must often provide combined. If necessary, employees and emergency services, like security companies and police, must be able to get an overview of all incidents.


Rental locker monitoring is also a task in focus. Who is allowed to access a rental locker when and how long? Are there any other authorised persons? What happens if a rental locker has been opened by force?


We offer a wide selection of solutions for banks and savings banks that will help you to master all these challenges. Look and see!

Fields of application:
  • Self-service areas with ATMs and bank statement printers
  • Rooms for background money supplies
  • Strongrooms and rental locker systems
  • Server rooms
  • Monitoring rooms
  • Offices and other security-relevant areas
  • High reliability with certification
  • Different security levels
  • Online and offline configuration
  • User and group management
  • Continuous logging
  • Combination with access, monitoring and alarm systems